My name is Virginija, and welcome to MILANI!

From capturing moments through a lens to crafting moments with a flame, my journey has taken a new turn. As a former photographer and a bit of an artist in my free time, I've always been drawn to authenticity and quality. During a lockdown, when we all were spending more time indoors than usual, I started burning candles as calming and relaxation rituals. However, I found myself disappointed that the candles I bought didn't meet my standards.

That's why I decided to switch gears and dive into candle making. My family members and friends were the ones who encouraged me to start my own small business because they loved what I created. Using eco-soy wax and carefully selected fragrance oils and essential oils, I've set out to create candles and wax melts that meet my standards – and hopefully yours too.

'Because every moment deserves to be a fragrant delight..'

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Thank you for choosing Milani to be a part of your daily life. We look forward to being a part of your cherished moments.


With warmth and gratitude,